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ParthBrass is one of the foremost companies engage in manufacturing and exporting precision components like flare fittings, pipe fittings, anchors, electrical parts, terminals, gas fittings, foot valves, socket pin, transformer parts and many more customized items as per requirement of the customer. We believe in upgradation of skills to cope up with modern technology. It is the top priority of the management, which help us to enhance our production capacity and give excellent satisfaction to our all esteemed clients. To meet the specific industrial requirements, our engineers design customized product also.

Quality and Testing :

Our quality testing team checks their quality and finishing through the tough quality checking process. To get the assured results, our expert set various quality testing parameters to check toughness, robustness and durability. We use high grade raw material, which is flexible and durable to fabricate the product. We use latest equipments like spectrometer, microscope, profile projector, conductivity tester, vernier and micro meter to test the quality of raw material and finished products. We arrange periodic training for employees to aware the use of technology as well as importance of safety while working. As being reputed precision brass components manufacturers, we established social welfare schemes for employees and work under stringent safety measures.

Product range :

  1. Electrical parts – BNC male & female, Brass moving contact, Panel mount jack, TNC male & female
  2. Fitting parts – Air break fittings, Pipe fittings, Flare fittings, Hose fittings
  3. Valves – Foot valve & accessories, Spring check valve, Horizontal check valve
  4. Lock parts – Screws, Nuts, Washers, Terminal front and back
  5. Drain cleaning accessories – Drain tube, Road extension
  6. Molding inserts – Knurling inserts, Arrow inserts, Threaded inserts, Square inserts, Hexagonal inserts
  7. Plunger – Piston pump plunger, Petrol tap plunger, Cylinder plunger, Brass plungers shafts, Indexing plunger
  8. Pump spare parts – Pump head, Quick coupler, Connector, Spacer, Nozzle spray, Brass check seal body, Bush, Oil hose box
  9. Split bolts – Line tapes, Bolt connector
  10. Transformer parts – Sanitary parts, Auto parts, Fasteners, Bolts
  11. Water meter parts – Couplings, Single phase & Threaded phase, Switches terminal
  12. Anchors – Brass terminals, hydraulic fittings, PPR fittings, Compression fittings, CPVC fitting

Distinguish properties of the product :
  • Robust design
  • Longer life
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Malleability
  • Attractive appearance
  • Surface finishing
  • Supreme quality
  • High performance
  • Optimum functionality
  • Tensile strength
We are ISO 9001 : 2015 certified company and offer products to clients which match the national and international quality standards. We use our skills and expertness to fabricate complex pieces with ease.
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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Here, we are explaining the concept and use of brass female tee fittings in detail. A pipe tee fitting is a connector type fitting that is used to join two or multiple plumbing pipes. These fittings connect the two pipes or tubes at a 90 degree angle and thus, these are often known as T-shaped fittings. The pipe tee is one of the finest versatile of all plumbing connectors and is vastly used in commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

A plumber is able to combine the flow of two different pipes into a single line with the help of a pipe tee. He may also able to divide a single supply line to let it flow to two distinct areas. For instance, he can use a pipe tee at the main water supply line to direct some water to kitchen and to bathroom. He can also use it for domestic waste water system, where the tee joins two different sewer lines into a single main drain line that can be further connected into a municipal drainage pipe.
Female tee makers design this range of brass fitting to cater multiple needs of domestic and industrial sector users. A standard design of brass tee joins pipes of the similar diameter, however, a few may work with reducing connectors. When the pipe tee has a reducer, plumber can use it to connect pipes of different diameters to one another.
Many metal pipes and connectors can be screwed together manually or with wrench. When plumber uses threaded pipe tees, he should take care to select right male or female tee based that suits the application. For long lasting bond, he can use special glue or solvent. Some metal fasteners or couplings can be applied for an effective bond between pipes and fittings.

You can find all these products, including brass female tee at manufacturer’s store. Some suppliers and manufacturing units get orders via online platform and supply their products across the globe. You can rely on such vendors and avail the suitable brass fittings for your upcoming project.
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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Machine and auto parts made of brass are creating a niche in the Indian market. Brass components in India are gaining major number of users and manufacturers are making profitable deals from them. The brass turned parts are products made using some form of turning or spinning part, which is also known as lathe. There are several designs of lathe supplied by manufacturing companies, such as centre lathe, wood turning lathe, and CNC lathe.

A lathe is a commonly used device that spins a block of stuffs to perform different operations, like sanding, cutting, deformation, and drilling with devices to build a product, which has symmetry about a rotation axis. There are several designs of lathes available for use. Among all of them, woodworking lathes are the conventional ones. Metallic lathes come with a specific sizes and forms, but it all relies on their applications. Other kinds of lathes are connected with some other applications, in which drilling machines are one of the lathes and usually named as amalgamation lathes.
CNC turning is the easiest and critical procedure used by industries for plastic machining. They use it where the precision apparatus produces stuffs once the single cutter point is inserted to the stuff turning. Engineers perform cutting with a standard apparatus that is applied either at the correct angle to the work piece’s axis.
Brass turned parts are critically used by industries these days. It is due to their lastingness, corrosion counteraction, and robust construction, indeed. A lot more companies are there today to bring you aluminium, brass, and plastic turned components, yet among them, brass components are most preferred ones.
There are certain companies offering great services to their existing clients. You can find such manufacturing companies and avail after sale benefits from them. Parth brass is one of such partners that provide quality brass components in India and abroad. They are premium exporters and manufacturers having comprehensive range of brass parts that are used by auto mobile sector, and major other industries. Share your requirements or ask for a free quote from them any time, anywhere.
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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The durability of the plumbing fittings you source from brass pipe fittings manufacturers relies on the quality of its component parts and the assembly skills of the professional who install it. Even if you have a well-designed plumbing system, you cannot operate it safely or hygienically if the materials used to construct it are not up to the mark. Also, if manufacturers have used best materials, but the installation is not made correctly, the system will be failure.

Most industrialized countries have their own standards or codes that set out minimum requirements for the material specifications, design, and use of plumbing fittings. Plumbing codes of practice may vary as per the specified detailed standards and other things. The process of certification of good quality plumbing products requires testing of the products. To make more economical decision, some simply adopt an existing qualified standards and certification programmer which is accepted across the world.

The suitable materials’ use and products must be used and plumbers should get proper guidance to use quality products.

How to select the suitable products?

There are many standards and certification bodies available across the world and you don’t need unique set of standards for your products. You can adopt one of the available systems. Important factors to consider-
  • Is the product or material you select suits your application?
  • Will it be harmful for routine use?
  • Will it be harmful for environment?

All the pipes, taps, valves and other fittings used for plumbing systems must not contain hazardous substances that could leach into water. Apart from lead, arsenic, and cadmium substances are too dangerous for human health. The products must be able to withstand external pressures if they are underground.

How to stop leaks in plumbing joints?

It is always better to fix a plumbing leak before it starts or occurs. You need to connect water supply properly and waste line fittings. You can take help of experienced professional and learn the tricks to make a leakproof connection.

To make a leakproof joint, you must lubricate the brass compression fitting threads with a little amount of lubricant. Some experts suggest you food grade silicone grease as the water line may be potable. You can use the petroleum based products or soap on non-potable water lines.

It is still important to call experts who hold experience in repairing the leaks of the pipe fittings. Some manufacturing units are offering such repairing facilities at their workshop. You can coordinate with them and avail services and solutions as per your requirement.

They use top quality brass to make plumbing fittings like pipes, valves, flanges, tees, etc. You can think about these manufacturers to source premium fittings for your plumbing system. These manufacturers have comprehensive range of plumbing fittings for domestic, industrial, and commercial use. Contact them and get the best deal.

This article is published by leading brass pipe fittings manufacturers to make you more informed about plumbing fittings. Parth Brass Company offers comprehensive range of plumbing fittings, including valves and tees. You can get maximum range of fittings from them at reasonable rates. To review this article, kindly share your thoughts in comments. We welcome all genuine feedbacks for the post.
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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hydraulic hoses are applied in mobile and fixed machines for application of fluid power at high pressure. These are required by onshore and offshore oil and gas drilling companies, mining operators, construction companies, power generation sector, repair and maintenance experts, and recycling fleets. Well-fitted hoses offer enhanced performance to the user. The brass adaptors (made in India) are attached to hydraulic applications in which low to medium applications are available.
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Thursday, 8 October 2015

People often forget brass electrical accessories when they think about home improvement. They don’t realize the fact that they can avail comprehensive range of accessories like brass sockets and switches from the market for their home/ villa. Most of the items they got are fitted as a standard with the variety of white plastic that offers very subtle look with no style. Using such accessories will give a dull and boring appearance to the rooms. To make the shopping little interesting, a few stores stock limited alternatives to white plastic variety.
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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Over the years, lead free brass has gained popularity in the global market. Majority of manufacturing companies have started emphasizing on lead free brass to produce fittings including brass BNC female connectors. It is because the lead free metal helps minimize the invisible yet hazardous dangers which are unfit for human health. Industries have found it as the best material for production of various piping solutions. Moreover, it is also safer to use. Lead is a hazardous metal and scientists recommend avoiding it using in different application. It not only degrades environment, but also affects the human health.
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